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29 September 2009

Book Tour and Review: Bo's Cafe

Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback
Publish Date: 9/25/2009
ISBN: 9781935170044
Pages: 256
Publisher: Hachette


Book Summery directly from Hachette's website:

High-powered executive Steven Kerner is living the dream in southern California. But when his bottled pain ignites in anger one night, his wife kicks him out. Then an eccentric mystery man named Andy Monroe befriends Steven and begins unravelling his tightly wound world. Andy leads Steven through a series of frustrating and revealing encounters to repair his life through genuine friendship and the grace and love of a God who has been waiting for him to accept it. A story to challenge and encourage, BO'S CAFE is a model for all who struggle with unresolved problems and a performance-based life.

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bo's Cafe and have already had my husband start reading it. I do believe many people walk around with a persona of who they want to be, or be perceived as, rather than being who they are. So many fear rejection and so avoid opening themselves up to others. Defense mechanisms can be put into place at an early age and by the time one realises they are there, it takes time, love, courage and a safe environment to let these defenses down. I know a lot of "Stevens" in the world and hope to discover more "Andys". I believe every reader will take something different from this book and be positively influenced from what the reader takes away from Bo's Cafe.

About the authors:

Bruce McNicol is president of Leadership Catalyst, Inc. and an international speaker and consultant. He holds a master's in theology and a doctorate in organizational and leadership development. Previously he served for ten years as president of the international church planting organization Interest Associates.

Bill Thrall serves as vice-chair of Leadership Catalyst, mentor, and coauthor of the bestselling TrueFaced resources (, The Ascent of a Leader, and Beyond Your Best.

John Lynch is a national conference speaker and writer for LCI, holds a master's of theology from Talbot Seminary, and has twenty years' experience as a teaching pastor of Open Door Fellowship. He's also cofounder and playwright of a theater troupe in Phoenix.

Visit Bo's Cafe!

Thank you Miriam and Hachette for allowing me to take part in this book tour.



Ladybug said...

I have an award for you :)

Tami said...

You've been busy while I've been away! WOW, I'm going to have to check all these books out!

gahome2mom said...

Hi, I just dropped in for the Teaser Tuesday and saw that you also posted a giveaway of Bo's Cafe. I would like to sign up.


I like your blog layout. It has a warmth to it. :)

kaye said...

sounds like a nice positive read. I like those once in a while

carolsnotebook said...

Sounds like a positive, uplifting book. Thanks for the review.

Pam said...

I read this book too. It did have a good positive message.

Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

This book really was great...may have to start my hubby on it, too. :o)


The Bumbles said...

That is very true about our inner self versus the person we display, or hope to display, to everyone else. I think usually you can see through to the true self, be it good or bad. As they say - you're only fooling yourself. I encourage you to seek out as many Andy's as possible - I married a terrific one ;0)

hmsgofita said...

Looks like a great book!

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

HI Jennifer! My review on this goes live tomorrow and I really enjoyed what yours says here. YES! I agree... I was one of those people once who tried really hard to be who others wanted me to be or more so - how I wanted to appear to them.

EXHAUSTING! This book is a great reminder...well, its all in my review. :)