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03 September 2009

Rambling From An Un- Caffeinated Brain

I am in denial. I refuse to believe my tooth hurts. Well it does hurt. I am hoping it will go away. Yes, I am truly hoping it just goes away. After my dental trauma back in February, I cannot go back to that office!

Today begins a 5 day weekend for my husband. Five whole days. It looks as though the weather is planning on cooperating and staying on the cooler side, thank goodness! The boys only have Monday off, so DH and I should get some nice quality time in.

School starting appears to have triggered my desire to resume crock pot cooking. It is so nice to get up in the morning and dump the ingredients into the crock pot and voilà, by the time the guys return fro cross country practice and DH from work, dinner is ready. If you have any delicious crock pot recipes, please let me know. Thanks!

College information is pouring in for my oldest and I no longer recall when I made campus visits. Is it truly time for my son, my baby, to be doing this? I am not ready!

When did I stop receiving fun snail mail? I recall there was a time I could be excited for the mail. Now, it is usually just bills and stuff for the guys. I am expecting some books to be arriving this week or next for reviewing and this makes me smile.

I am very, very excited to be holding giveaways for some fabulous novels! I think I may have finally, at long last, found my niche. My three biggest passions (outside family and friends) are; books, knitting, and coffee! The order changes depending on the time of day.

Quickly, before I plunge the carafe and pour myself that first cup of coffee (oh I am salivating at the thought) I wanted to shall with my dear readers a quick rundown of my current contests.
  • Temple Touch Thermometer giveaway HERE which ends on 9/4!
  • 5 Copies of The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik, HERE,which ends on 9/15!
  • A copy of Michelle Moran's newest novel, Cleopatra's Daughter, HERE,which ends 9/15!



Tami said...

5 beautiful days off!? I'm jealous! LOL. have a wonderful time with DH!

Momma G.Love said...

Enjoy your time off!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

Mighty M said...

Enjoy the long weekend!! I have been really wanting to use my crock pot too!!! Thanks for the invite to goodreads! ;-)

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Wow...5 days would be wonderful! :)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

5 days - Enjoy it!!!

Leslie M. said...

My Hubby has off too!!!
I can't wait for you to do a coffee Giveaway too!!!!!!!! :) YUM!!! I betcah that will be coming soon!!!!
Oh and I love love love my Crock pot too! Mine is getting OLD.. think I need a NEW one!!!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I'm hoping your tooth ache goes away too. *fingers crossed*
I couldn't be happier that you feel you finally found your niche. :) It suits you beautifully.

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Oh the joys of college, and getting ready for it!

I'm sorry your tooth is hurting - I didn't know that. If you do need to go to a dentist, please go to a different one!

I'm enjoying your book giveaways - I just love books. I'm glad you have found your niche!

Have a great long weekend...

Leane said...

I love the Crock-pot, but I find that staying at home and smelling the goodies that are cooking is TORTURE!
I hope your tooth will feel better immediately.
I am going now to enter the giveaways for these goodies. I don't want to miss out!

From A Creative Heart said...

Hey, I start a 4 day weekend tomorrow...YEAH!! And after talking to you last night, I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a copy of Fix it and Forget it...I apparently lost my other one.
THanks for the reminder....
Would you like me to just pull the tooth for you??? Be happy to help...LOL