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03 October 2009

Chaos Also Referred to As Painting.

Is it not amasing how one word can capture mood, or in this instance, what is happening inside the walls of my home, yet chaos does indeed describe the current situation in my house. While my family thrives the state of my house deteriorates. Chaos has taken over. The end result will be worth it, but as I sit here looking around I wonder if things should have been left alone.
It all began quite innocently enough, as these things tend to begin. My neighbour thought the red accented wall theme should have been carried throughout the house. Why we left out adding an accent wall in the family room I no longer recall. We could have run out of paint, or more likely been too tired to really concern ourselves, regardless of the reason, over a year ago we left the family room without an accent wall. A few days ago my neighbour rang up and offered to correct our mistake. He was ready and willing to take time out and create a red accent wall where previously none existed. I was thrilled. And naturally I not only jumped on his enthusiasm but also joined in. We could not be happier! This one wall project led to more painting, as these sorts of things tend to do. There is something about painting, that makes one begin to think about other things that need a fresh coat of paint or a different colour. This one small project turned into repainting my entire kitchen. I thrive well under order. Chaos and I do not function well together. I am one who believes everything has a place and everything in its place. Now I am living with the contents of my kitchen as well as my family room in my dinging room. This morning was quite unpleasant as I tried to find the French Press, the coffee grinder, and the teakettle to make my necessary morning coffee. Chaos. Apparently, as I have been told, my kitchen will be yellow, white, and red. Honestly it sounded hideous to me, but enough patches of paint samples have been splashed up for me to agree it will indeed liven up the kitchen. The family room wall is not finished, the kitchen has only just begun and the boys are off at a cross-country meet for the day, leaving a lot of painting to few hands. At this point I must mentioned that my husband has been fixing a plumbing problem and has been unable to help with the painting.
There was a slow leak in shower (home ownership has a lot of pitfalls), which led to my husband dismantling the shower by removing tile, and old dry wall and repairing the leak in order to, install new drywall and re-tile. It was a contained area. I could not see the mess and I was not bothered. Until the word "paint" was uttered. Apparently the colour we painted the bathroom will not do. In hindsight I agree. However, it means another room, albeit small, to paint. It means another day where I am unable to read, and I am going through withdrawals, and another day of chaos. I am hoping against all hope that at least two of the three rooms will be restored before Monday.



Kathleen W. said...

Agh! I know what you mean about painting leading to more painting as one scrutinizes the way other areas of the house look compared to the freshly painted ones.

I imagine your kitchen might end up looking a bit like your blog in terms of colors, which will be pretty.

Once you find your coffee accouterments, all will be well.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I know how it goes. You find one thing that you would like to change and then that leads to another and another and another...
it's so easy to get overwhelmed by a project but i'm sure you will love your new look once it gets finished.
I hope to see pics of the new looks!

Naomi said...

I don't like the jumble, either...our walls are all white since we have so much artwork and lately they're looking dingy from all the fingerprints, etc. I am sure we'll be having to paint soon.

Joyful said...

I agree. When you begin one project you see other things that need doing. Does it ever end!?

Jennifer said...

Oh you are so right - it starts innocently enough and them bam! I know it will look gorgeous when it is done, but it's the "in between" part that is so hard (and not being able to find your things - specifically your french press!)