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29 October 2009

Rambling From An Un- Caffeinated Brain

I do realise how late it is, 10:27am to be exact, but dear readers, I chose to sleep awhile longer after my teens left for school. One of my migraine medicines makes me hungry and tired, it offers little pain relief, yet I do eat and sleep well.
So, I am waiting not so patiently for my late morning coffee. So what is on my mind? Let me pick what little is left of my foggy brain this morning.
  • Sheldon seems to be finished with his growth spurt, which means a lot less food and more vegetables. He appears happy and healthy.
  • The boys are finished with the cross country season. My oldest runs daily, the twins do not. Thing 1 is involved in the school Theatre while Thing 2 is interested in the Foreign Language Clubs and Animal Outreach.
  • Why do children cost more with each year? Better yet, why was this fact not mentioned in the parenting books?
  • My oldest will be going on another summer survival camp in the Smokey Mountains this summer. Those trips are not cheap, but oddly he adores them. I say oddly because, except for running, he detests being outside. *shrug*
  • The colours of all the Autumn leaves are breathtaking and I cannot wait to jump in the large piles. I do so enjoy the crunch of the falling leaves.
  • I am eternally grateful to have a husband who loves me and all my numerous flaws.
  • Books, naturally I must mention books! Someone asked why my ratings where fairly high (except one book, and it was not a bad rating nor a bad book, just not for me). The answer is simple, I am picky. I know if it is a romance novel, I probably will not care for it, as was the case with the lowest rating I ever gave (which was not low). It was a well written book and I am certain many other readers will enjoy it.
  • A "gee whiz" fact about me...holidays do not stress me out. We have the lowest key holidays possible and I cannot imagine it any other way. Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am ready!
  • For those of you with cooler air and snow, please send it my way. I am very, very fond of both.
Thankfully, it is coffee time. May everyone have a beautiful, fun, and happy Thursday!



Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

My Thursday has been weird...I can't seem to get excited about posting, mainly because my Firefox is not working and I can't figure out how to fix it!

I'm using my "back-up" browser, which is not as much fun.

I ranted a little about all of this at my Potpourri blog here:

Haleyknitz said...

lol just wait 'till ur kids get to college. then we really cost a lot :D

Sara said...

I feel you on the migraines. Usually when I get over them, I'm all jacked up on caffeine and starving.

I hope the coffee does the trick for you!