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08 October 2009

Ramblings From An Un- Caffeinated Brain

I know, one would think my brain would be fully caffeinated by now, however, that is not the case. It took quite some doing to find the coffee grinder, the French Press, and the tea kettle.

Why? My home is in utter chaos.

It all began simply enough, as most projects do. We decided it would be nice to add an accent wall to our family room. Easy, should not take long, or so I thought. While the primer was up, it was decided that well, the kitchen needed some fresh paint and new colours, carry the accent colour through. The accent wall is finished, the kitchen is not. Did we choose to stop there? Of course not, that would have made sense. We decided the hallway was too dark and chose yet another colour and oh my the bathroom, really, what were we thinking when we painted that? Several gallons of primer later, 2 reds (flat: Royal Red and semi-gloss: Heirloom Red ), 2 whites (flat and semi-gloss), Scandinavian Blue, Butter, and Thin Ice, my house is still a wreck. It has been a week now and 1 wall has been completed. The bathroom is close to being finished and the kitchen, optimistically speaking is another two days. I am no longer guessing on the time line for the hallway. I know it will be beautiful when all completed and for my sanity I hope it is soon. Yet, I know, all the doors must come down and be finished, the new lighting installed, and I heard talk of painting the laundry room.

I need a hug.



Brenda said...

Oh, I feel for you! Home projects always take longer than first suspected, and it makes life so much harder in the process.

Diane said...

LOL LOL...i know what you are experiencing, when one wee projects, suddenly turns your world upside down....deep shallow breaths!!!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

HUG to you.

Home projects make me crazy. I have all these ideas and I just want to leave and have someone do them and then I come home and it's perfect. !

Hyla said...

LOL, it will be over............................soon?


mannequin said...

Oh it WILL be beautiful! It will!

You must be like me. I don't do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning. And in the fall, I want new colors, which of course means painting.

fredamans said...


alitareads said...


It will be beautiful and completely worth it when it's all over!

Kim said...

Oh, the Domino effect! (Did you order in some pizza too) But at least paint is a relatively less expensive way to change things up.

My hub as repainted our master bedroom 3-4 times, can't remember. I have redone my enty hallway at least as many, too. I'm the type that likes a common color theme running through my home, so when you change one room's colors . . .

It sounds yummy and will look great for the holidays!

Mighty M said...

*Hugs*. Focus on the final result. Focus on the final result. Focus on the final result. Helping??? :-)

J.T. Oldfield said...

*hugs* It sounds like it will be lovely when it's done!

Jean Stockdale said...

It seems that all home projects take more time than expected and cost more than projected!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the grandbabies pictures. We do adore them. My friend works with me in my ministry and our offices are in my home. When the baby grands stop by, everything stops so we can love on 'em a bit!!

I took Grayson outside to take his picture. When I sat him in the grass I discovered he really does not like the feel of the grass!! He was trying to figure out a way to keep it from touching him! They are both just yummy.

Hope all is well at your household! Blessings.

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

(hug) and another (hug) and for good measure more (hugs)

You are a better person than I as I would have been twitching with the house torn apart and SCREAMED at the top of my lungs - ENOUGH! LOLOLOL

Are you still barricaded inside your turret of books? Poor thing... but my how beautiful it will all be!

Oh, here is another (hug) just cause I thought you might need it!

Honey Mommy said...

So I guess that means you don't want to come work on my house next, huh?