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15 October 2009

Uncaffeinated and Migraine Brain Thoughts

I knew today was not going to be my day when I was taking migraine medicine before bed and they were not helping. Thankfully my sweet husband is preparing pulled pork in the crockpot for dinner tonight. He is wonderful that way. He is dreadful at painting, yet I could not ask for a more loving father and husband.

So what is on my pain-filled mind today?
  • My identical twins are finally coming into their own and developing separate interests and making separate friends. It only took 15 years! This may sound odd, but I am thrilled. One twin has always been more dominant and it makes me happy to see them on equal footing.
  • My friend Amy is due anytime time now and we are all very, very excited for her!
  • As a mum of 3 teen boys I am beyond frustrated with High School athletics. If you have teens, you may know what I am rambling about. If you do not yet, be prepared.
  • My shyest child, the non-dominant twin is not only involved in theatre, but crew and an independent play. This is his first year and I am so proud of him I could burst.
  • The painting in my home is gorgeous and progressing slowly. Some have asked what is taking so long (fair question as this may now be week three?). It all began with my neighbour (whom we view as a family member) offering to paint a wall red. I have red accent walls throughout the main rooms and forgot to place one in the family room and this had been bothering him. So, he began that then decided the kitchen colours had to go and well once in the kitchen, the hallways looked dim and the main bathroom, *shudder*. Still I hear people thinking, "3 weeks?". Let me try to explain. He is offering his precious time, so I cannot actually force him to move faster. He is the full time care giver of a 91-year-old and her disabled son. They live next door, so he often has to check on them. He is a full-time caregiver, which means 24/7, so what time he devotes to us is truly limited and rather precious to us.
  • I will indeed show before and after pictures. For those interested in colours. The hallway is Light Sage with Snow White trim and doors, the main bathroom is Scandinavian Sky and White, The Kitchen is Butter Yellow and Snow White with two recessed accent walls in Heirloom Red.
  • My head is at about a pain level of an 8 or 9.
  • I have two book tours tomorrow that I am excited about and hoping my head lets up enough for me to write coherently. Please check back and see how well I did.
  • Finally, my oldest will be singing this Saturday evening at a charity function. This is the first time I will have ever heard my son sing by himself and I cannot wait.
A fresh carafe of coffee is waiting as are pillows, ice packs, and rice bags. I wish for my readers a truly wonderful day.



fredamans said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Mighty M said...

I am SO sorry you are in pain, I can't believe you even took the time to type this, but I fear you have had to get "used" to these headaches! I hope you have relief soon! And your boys sound like they are really "blossoming" (can you say that about a boy?? ;-) ) How great that they are learning to be independent from one another, something they will really be doing much more of as they get older.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

It sounds like your boys are busy teens but I can tell you're just glowing in pride. You will take video of your son singing, yes?

I'm very excited for the new baby as well. The day she makes her debut will be both amazing and surreal.

I hope your head feels better. (((HUGS))) I wish there were something more I could do to help you.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Ooh! I sympathize on several levels! First, I used to have migraines; secondly, I have been involved in painting that seemingly "grew" into a huge project; and I once had three teenage sons!

Fortunately, they all grew up and are now independent young men!

See...there is hope!

Bella said...

That is fabulous about your twins. I hope my boys will be like that one day and not have the combined interest of beating each other up!

Lynne said...

Feelin' your high school athletics pain here...thankfully not your head pain. Hope you're feeling better soon.

I'll be back to check on you!

Jean Stockdale said...

I suffer from migraines and am so sorry to hear that you suffer from the same. Hope you are better soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my "fern" foundation. I just love that picture. Stop by again sometime. Blessings.

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

My dear wonderful friend ~ How I wish I had the power to ease your pain - an 8 or 9!! How you function and remain witty, wonderful and wise is beyond me.

YES YES YES can't wait for Amy and her new lil one to arrive. I am giddy with excitement!!

The colors sound soothing and wonderful and I can only imagine how beautiful your home will look and feel when it's all said and done. How marvelous your neighbor (and family member - how precious are those that we can choose as family) is doing such a remarkable thing, in doing what he does first and foremost 24/7 care is a demanding life, but to spend some of his precious time doing something so artistic and creative for you guys! Bravo!

I know you are in your turret of books, surrounded by the written word which you take to so naturally. It is, after all, because of you my Book Wish List is growing so big. :)

You are loved, cherished and admired above all my friend - please always know that!


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry your pain level is so high (hug).

I would be so excited to hear him sing too - solo! Make sure you tape it...that is something you definitely want to remember.

I wish the painting were done...I know how frustrated you are with it all.

Sue Jackson said...

Hey, it looks like we have more in common! I have two boys, ages 15 and 11. They both also have CFS, like I do, and YES, I totally understand what you're saying about high school athletics!! My 15-year old doesn't have the physical stamina to practice for 2 hours a day (soccer), and the HS coach wouldn't even discuss accommodating him by allowing less practice time. He loves playing in our local rec league buy his dream is to play for his school.

My younger son just started playing soccer for his middle school team (his CFS is milder), and he's scared to death to miss a practice for illness or even sit out when he gets injured because he doesn't want to get taken off the A team. grrrr!

And I TOTALLY get how painting can take 3 weeks! We just painted my older son's room, and it took 2 weeks. That's only the 5th room we've painted in 15 years in the house! I'm not much help, and my husband is often busy doing all the household stuff I can't do. Painting is a big accomplishment!


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