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29 November 2009

Christmas Decorating, Garland Making, Thankfully Reading Weekend -Day 3

Our family Christmas Tree is drinking copious amounts of water and opening nicely. Today we will string lights up and decorate the tree as well as the house. Last night we were busy gathering supplies to make garland to hang over windows, doors, and over a hutch in the kitchen. It sounds simple, yet sadly, it is not (at least when one is not artistically inclined).

A few of the many bits and bobs that will make up the garland centerpieces and end pieces.

My Neighbour's decorating toolbox which is an amasing box!

One of the garlands after several steps, wire, and the addition of lights.

The garland (without flash) after several steps, wire, and the addition of lights.

We will be focusing on the tree today and then wiring the other garlands, adding lights, and finally decorating them in silver and an awesome shade of green.

It may come to no surprise that I am still on Georgette Heyer's No Wind of Blame. I adore this novel, however, family must come first. I plan to finish this wonderful book today. If I am truly fortunate I will be able to begin Pearl Girls by Margaret McSweeney.

A quick reminder: Jenn, Jen and Beth came up with the idea of the Thankfully Reading Weekend, which is a non-challenge event that anyone can participate in. The Thankfully Reading Weekend begins on November 27, 2009 and ends on November 29, 2009. To learn more or to sign up for that promises to be a fun weekend of good food, good friends, and good books head to Book Blog Social Club! I look forward to chatting with fellow readers this coming Thanksgiving weekend. The Twitter hashtag is for this event is #thankfullyreading.



Beth F said...

I love your garland! We haven't turned to Christmas yet! I don't have many excuses for not meeting my reading goals -- but I've enjoyed the long weekend.

brizmus said...

I LOVE how you're such a decorater! I love Christmas decorations! I don't get to start decorating until tomorrow, though.

Ryan G said...

I'm in awe that you do your own garlands...I buy mine already decorated.

Diane said...

Hope you had a great weekend with Thankfully Reading. I thought it was fun!

Christmas?? BAH HUM BUG...LOL