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28 November 2009

A Christmas Tree, Christmas Decorating and Thankfully Reading -Day 2

Yesterday we ventured out as a family for our traditional Christmas Tree shopping. We ended up with a beautifully formed Frasier Fir and while it looks lovely (there will be pictures in a while) it lacks space, which will make choosing ornaments tricky. We each have our own ornaments and then of course the family ornaments and there is not a chance they will all fit on this tree.

Today my family and I shall be decorating and reading (I usually have little to do with the lights) and it will take quite a while to determine how many ornaments each of us will be able to put up. The longest part is going through all of the ornaments and taking the time to look at each ornament and share the memories the ornament holds. Yes, with 5 of us, it can be a long process, but one I would not miss.

As for my reading, I am still on Georgette Heyer's No Wind of Blame. I am thoroughly enjoying it and was a bit disgruntled last night when it was movie time and I had to set the novel aside.

I am off to figure out brunch, have my coffee and get some reading in, while DH and the boys bring the Christmas boxes in from the attic.

For those keeping track, the painting is still not done. When I post photos of some of the decorations, I shall be certain to add pictures of half painted area with the blue tape I have grown accustom to seeing in my house.

A quick reminder: Jenn, Jen and Beth came up with the idea of the Thankfully Reading Weekend, which is a non-challenge event that anyone can participate in. The Thankfully Reading Weekend begins on November 27, 2009 and ends on November 29, 2009. To learn more or to sign up for that promises to be a fun weekend of good food, good friends, and good books head to Book Blog Social Club! I look forward to chatting with fellow readers this coming Thanksgiving weekend. The Twitter hashtag is for this event is #thankfullyreading.



Mrs. Ria Thurston said...

Happy SITS Saturday Fest! Love to read about your tree tradition... We cut down our FIRST Christmas tree together yesterday :) My husband and I got married in September.. it's our first one together! Looking forward to pictures... come join me on my blog Life as a Wife! (

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Stopping by from SITS. Today is the tree day in our house too. Just Hubster & me, but grandson visits a lot. He'll have his own fresh tree, but mine is fake w/lights already - finally! Will be glad to have his little fresh one, just for the wonderful smell.
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Beth F said...

I have a few more hours to go on my audio book and I can start something new.

Dave and Tami said...

Sorting the ornaments sounds like fun. We have two teens who each have their own collection of ornaments. Great fun each year to get them all out and reminisce. In a few more years I'll have a very empty tree when they get their own homes and take their collections. Enjoy your reading weekend and the decorating!

brizmus said...

Oh, your tree buying and ornament putting day sounds so much fun! I wish I could participate! I can't wait to live somewhere where having a Christmas tree myself becomes practical.

Farrah said...

I'll still have to pick up No Wind of Blame, right now I'm wrapping up Georgette Heyer's "These Old Shades". Still liked "Arabella" better but this one's still pretty good.