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12 November 2009

A Courtesan's Scandal by Julia London Book Tour/Review

Title: A Courtesan's Scandal
Author: Julia London
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: October 20, 2009
Paperback: 371 pages
ISBN: 978-1416547129
Genre: Historical Romance/Fiction


Description from the Publisher:

Kate Bergeron is the beautiful and mysterious former mistress of a cloth merchant...and the latest beauty to capture the interest of the Prince of Wales. Mired in a disastrous divorce, the Prince attempts to distract attention from his next amorous pursuit by ordering Grayson Christopher, the eligible Duke of Darlington, to pretend to London society that he is having an affair with Kate. When Grayson reluctantly agrees to his Prince's demand, he finds the lady no more willing than he is. Kate will grudgingly act the part in public, but her favors are not for sale to any man. As Grayson and Kate mimic ardor for the world to see, they find what started as a deception becoming all too real. And when passion flames into love, their predicament becomes extreme. For while marriage between a duke and a courtesan could never happen, Kate knows in her heart that she is willing to accept nothing less....

My review:

A Courtesan's Scandal by Julia London begs the question of the importance of one's station in life. London's novel is cleverly written, with flowing prose and very realistic characters coupled with healthy parts of cunning wit, disloyalty, devotion, and questioning the hierarchy of 19th century London with an underlying theme of love and family above all else. Katie was born in a very low station and has risen, quite by accident, to becoming a courtesan who is being kept by the Prince until a time he can socially be seen with her. The deception begins with the Prince, who desperately wants to own Katie and blackmails the Duke of Darlington to escort Katie around so the Prince can liaison with her privately while the public believes the Duke has taken a mistress. It all may very well sound pat, until one factors in the other key players and the ties that bind each of them, bringing together a beautifully written and cleverly witty novel. With a hint of Austen's flair, London has written a solid story that kept this reader turning the pages until the very end. I look forward to reading London's other works and I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a delightfully fun read.

About the Author:

Julia London is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Hazards of Hunting a Duke (the first novel in her Desperate Debutantes trilogy), Highlander Unbound (a finalist for the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award for Best Historical Romance), Highlander in Disguise, and Highlander in Love (also a finalist for the RITA Award) -- all published by Pocket Star Books. She also contributed a short story, "The Merchant's Gift," to the anthology The School for Heiresses. Her other romantic novels include the Rogues of Regent Street trilogy. She lives in Austin, Texas. To Learn more, please visit her website.

I received a free copy of A Courtesan's Scandal by Julia London from Simon & Schuster as part of the tour. Receiving a free copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



Veens said...

I have a Julia London book in my TBR, now I really want to get to it :)

Great review!

virginiebarbeau said...

Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing your review :)

sumanam said...

Hi, nice review. My review is up here:,
though we differ in our review, but that's what makes it interesting to know what we readers think about a same book!!!

Deanna/ibeeeg said...

I was thinking, based off of book's description, that this is a book I would like to read. After reading your review, I know I want to read this book. Enjoyed reading your review.

Crystal said...

Great review - I loved this book also. I hadn't thought of it having a hint of an Austen-flair but now that I think about it you are right, it does.

Cym Lowell said...

Thanks for linking up another great review to the party. I love ready all these reviews from different genres!


Cym Lowell said...

PS. I like the Christmas flair in your header! Nice.