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03 November 2009

Green by Ted Dekker A Book Review

Title: Green Book Zero: The Beginning and the End
Author: Ted Dekker
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: September 1, 2009
Hardcover: 392 pages
ISBN: 978-1595542885
Genre: Suspense/Christian


Synopsis from the Publisher:

At Last . . . The Circle Reborn

The story of how Thomas Hunter first entered the Black Forest and forever changed our history began at a time when armies were gathered for a final battle in the valley of Migdon. Green is a story of love, betrayal, and sweeping reversals set within the apocalypse. It is the beginning: the truth behind a saga that has captured the imagination of more than a million readers with the Books of History Chronicles.

But even more, Green brings full meaning to the Circle Series as a whole, reading as both prequel to Black and sequel to White, completing a full circle. This is Book Zero, the Circle Reborn, both the beginning and the end. The preferred starting point for new readers . . . and the perfect climax for the countless fans who’ve experienced Black, Red, and White.

My Review:

Dekker is back with his newest novel, Green, once again proving why he is a master storyteller. Green completes the circle in the Books of History Chronicles: Black, Red, and White. Is it possible for time and reality to change and for history to be rewritten? What is truth and is it universal? Is truth good or evil and exactly how is it defined? Dekker poses these questions to his readers through the three main factions in his series: those who follow Elyon, the Horde, and the Eramites. I first read the series several years ago and was quite concerned I would not be able to pick up the storyline after such a long absence from the series. The Books of History came flooding back to me as soon as I read the first page. Green can be either read first in the series or as the very last book as there is neither a beginning nor an end to the Books of History Chronicles. Dekker manages to maintain the storyline in a flawless manner without presupposing the reader has read Dekker's first three works of the series. For me, Green answered numerous questions as well as rekindled my desire to re-read the series now the circle is complete. I would recommend Green to anyone who is looking for a thought provoking as well as a suspenseful adventure that will keep one turning the pages into the early hours of the morning.

To learn more about Ted Dekker, Green, or his other works, please visit his website.

I received a copy of Green by Ted Dekker from Thomas Nelson as part of the tour. Receiving a copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



Bluestocking said...

I recently read Green as well. I'm looking forward to starting the rest of the books in the Circle.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

This sounds very, very interesting! I think this would be a great gift idea for my husband for the holidays too (of course, I would read them first).

Thank you so much!

From A Creative Heart said...

Finally, a book even I have heard of and an author that I love!!!! LOL You know I am only teasing.... I have not read the trilogy yet, but I want to start soon. Loved your review and it is kick starting me to pick up that first book!!!

Jo-Jo said...

I have never heard of this series before, but you have caught my attention with the review!

Zia said...

Sounds interesting. Great review!

Cym Lowell said...

This sounds great and your review made me want to read the series. Well Done!

Thanks for linking up!


Katy said...

I've heard of this series, but I didn't really know what it was about. This sounds interesting...

GFDesignz said...

INteresting hon! Thank you for bringing this series to me as I had not heard of them!

Deanna/ibeeeg said...

I know I read Dekker book years ago. I am thinking it is one of these "color" books but am so unsure.
What I do remember is that I liked the story. It was suspenseful. I am not certain why I have not read another Dekker book. Think I should fix that and read Green. It sounds great!