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22 November 2009

Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell - A Book Review

Title: Perfect Timing
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Publication Date: November 2009
Paperback: 448 pages
ISBN: 9781402226748
Genre: Contempory Fiction/Chick-Lit


About the Book:

When you meet the man of your dreams on girls night out, it's hardly…Perfect Timing

In this fresh and funny contemporary romance by bestselling author Jill Mansell, Poppy Dunbar's whole life gets turned upside down after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger...

Never a troublemaker, Poppy had always been content with the way things were supposed to be done—which included marrying predictable Rob McBride. But that was before she met Tom Kennedy the night before her wedding. Could she really be falling in love with a stranger?

Unable to forget Tom, or go through with the wedding, Poppy runs off to London. Her new life and colorful friends are anything but predictable. Misunderstandings, family secrets, and jealous quarrels ensue, but can Poppy stop running long enough to figure out what—or, rather, who—is in her heart?

My Review:

Reading Perfect Timing is a brilliant way to spend an afternoon. Mansell writes with such an effusive manner that one cannot help but be enthralled and at times appalled at the cast of characters and their adventures and misadventures. From painfully shy and awkward Jake to the wildly outlandish and equally stylish Angie Slade-Welch, there is a character for every reader to love, admire and despise. Poppy, Casper, and Claudia make for the most intriguing of flatmates each seemingly different and yet underneath all of the primness, entitlement, flash, and eccentricities are they each not ultimately looking for the same thing, to be accepted and loved. Perfect Timing is an extraordinarily witty and at times wickedly sarcastic look at family, love, loss, betrayal, heartbreak, and true friendship. The characters come alive and the settings are so descriptively written one can easily imagine walking into a party on Cornwallis Crescent.
Perfect Timing is indeed a page-turner, and in this reviewer's opinion, not the run of the mill chick-lit. I so thoroughly enjoyed this book, I surprised myself and I look forward to reading Mansell's other novels. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for lovely read.

About the Author:

Jill Mansell is an internationally bestselling author, with over 4 million copies sold. She has written nearly 20 romances with multi-generational appeal. Perfect Timing is her fourth book released in the U.S., with Rumor Has It coming in Spring 2010! Mansell’s cheeky writing style is loved by fans both here and abroad and has been compared to Sex & the Cit and Bridget Jones’s Diary. Jill currently lives in Bristol, England, with her partner and their children.

I received a free copy of Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell from Sourceboks. Receiving a free copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



Ryan G said...

I have an award for you when you get a chance.

SueFitz said...

I love her books also - very funny.

jill mansell said...

Jennifer! Thank you sooo much - what a fabulous review. I'm so glad you enjoyed my book! And can I also compliment you on your blog - it looks absolutely beautiful.
Once again, many thanks.
Jill x

Teddyree said...

Enthralled and appalled, love it!! I'm going to request this one from the library. Thanks for a great review :-)

Stephanie said...

This sounds like a fun read!

Jenny Girl said...

I really loved this one too. Great minds think alike, huh? Especially those named Jennifer :)