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08 November 2009

Progressive Dinner Party Is Coming!

Here's your Invitation:

Who: You, of course, silly! And all the other fab bloggers who want to join in.

What: A Virtual Progressive Dinner (in which each blog hosts one part of the meal)

When: December 7-11

Where: The hub will be at the Book Blog Social Club

Why: Because we are party animals! Hopefully the fabulous recipes and ideas for entertainment and decoration will give you everything you need for the holiday season.

How will it work?

We just need you to fill out this fun form and tell us what part of the meal you want to host. Don't cook much? Don't worry! We need people to give us ideas for decorating and entertainment, too! Then pretty please spread the word about the dinner via facebook, twitter, and your blog! We'll go through and figure out which team we can put you on, and send you an email with your teammates names. Then, your team will figure out if you want to have a theme and who will post what. The week of the progressive dinner, we'll host Mister Linkys up at the Book Blog Social Club, and you can put in your link. by the end of the week, we'll have a fabulous collection of recipes and party ideas to celebrate with!

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form at one of the three hostess sites:



sunnymama said...

Sounds like a really fun idea! :)

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Sounds fun!

Cara @ Angel's Kisses said...

How totally fun!!! I've bookmarked your post and will come back to join soon! (since I'm not at home currently LOL) What a GREAT idea!!

Mighty M said...

Sounds very fun!