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05 November 2009

Rambling From A Slightly Caffeinated Brain

I am slightly caffeinated, which is scary, since I am a few hours behind my ritual caffeine consumption. I have not had the greatest of weeks and thankfully was able to sleep in!
  • For those of you keeping score, no painting has taken place in my home for approximately 16 days. I am really hoping it is finished before Thanksgiving. I would like to be able to put my furniture back.
  • Sheldon, our Bearded Dragon, may be full grown now and he will only eat Kale and worms. He loves his sandbox and has created hills and valleys of red sand and chooses where to snooze depending on the day. He appears to be quite content with his creations and the cat still could care less about him being in the house. She benefits from his heat lamp.
  • I recall posting that I was going to hear my son sing, yet I do not think I followed up with that. The musical group he is in held a Cabaret night as a fundraiser. I had never heard him sing before this year, since before he was always in a choir. This year he is singing in a group which usually sings a cappella, duets, and solos. So, for the first time, I was able to clearly hear my son's bass voice. There were tears that night.
  • I only ordered 10 pounds of coffee beans this go round (usually I order 20 pounds) so I must not forget to order earlier than usual. It is the best fair trade, organic coffee I have had, yet shipping it takes forever.
  • Does anyone else have a life which resemble a to-do list?
  • While mentioning to-do lists, our insurance changed and so I get to talk with the nurse and try to explain why my scripts need to be changed, and I am not quite certain I understand it. A lot more caffeine is needed before I can make that phone call. Why do insurance companies mess with things that were working fine?
  • One of my twins has been extremely involved with theatre and is hoping to be on the run crew, so please think good thoughts. He has been putting in a lot of hours and I hope he makes it.
  • My other twin son is fine and involved in Animal Outreach and German Club since finishing up the cross country season and awaiting the beginning of track season. My Husband is also well.
Time to make more coffee, breakfast, domestic chores, and then I can escape into my book. I am currently reading Children of the Dust by Ali Eteraz and a review should be up sometime this week.



Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I so relate to your comments about life being like a "to-do" list. In fact, the first thought that crossed my mind this morning, after I woke from some really strange dreams, was that I didn't have an overly-scheduled day today! And it felt wonderful1

I also know what you mean by insurances's now "open season," which basically means that the insurance companies get to try and screw us over again! I've had to change plans, which means all new service providers and a whole new complicated system. This is not making me happy!

Hope your day straightens itself out!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Oh, no! You're still not through with your painting? How frustrating! (hugs)
I hope you get your home back soon.

I need to see updated pictures of Sheldon, please. :)

...And I, too, need more coffee...

Sue Jackson said...

Yes, my life is a never-ending to-do list that just keeps getting longer and longer!

It took us 3 weeks to paint my son's bedroom and get the furniture back in. The curtains still aren't hung, though, and now my husband is out of town for a week. sigh...

Enjoy your coffee!


Mighty M said...

Thinking good thoughts for your son - AND for your painting to be complete!!

sumanam said...

Yes, life is a to-do list...
Insurance companies!!!! don't even get me started there...more coffee please..

mannequin said...

Oh how busy you are! I am so glad you got to hear him sing; I can imagine your tears of joy. Makes a mom proud, hnh?
Each one of your boys seems so distinctly different. How nice to have a hustling, bustling house of boys. It will be quiet far too soon.

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

Jennifer - Ah yes, painting done by thanksgiving WOULD be a good thing. YIKES the project that will never end?
Sheldon is all growed up! Pictures please!
The Twinks are busy, good for them and good for you too - life moving along just as it should.
Insurance Companies - UGH! So thankful to have insurance, but the hoops you gotta jump through amazes me still.
Only 10pds this go around of coffee? Yikes woman - you better make a note on your "to do list of life" to order early - can't have you running out!
More books and more books and more books.... how you do it?!?