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08 December 2009

The Basic Book of Digital Photography by Tom Grimm, Michele Grimm: A Book Review

Title: The Basic Book of Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Enhance, and Share Your Digital Pictures
Author: Tom Grimm, Michele Grimm
Publisher: Plume
Publication Date: October 27, 2009
Paperback: 528 pages
ISBN: 9780452289550
Genre: Non-Fiction/Reference


About the book:

From the authors of The Basic Book of Photography, a bestselling classic for more than thirty years, comes the ultimate digital photography handbook

The Basic Book of Digital Photography is the definitive guide to the expansive world of digital photography from two of the field's most established authorities. Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm steer photographers through the new era of digital imaging.

This comprehensive handbook covers how to compose the best shots with cameras ranging from point-and-shoot to the increasingly popular SLR (single lens reflex) models, and takes you through the steps to improve, display, and preserve your images. You'll learn most everything there is to know about digital photography, including:

* Which camera is best for your needs
* Ways to store your image files and share them on the Internet
* Techniques for editing and improving your photos with computer software
* How to record video clips on your digital camera and use your camera phone

With its lively text, more than four hundred helpful photos and illustrations, and an extensive glossary, The Basic Book of Digital Photography is an indispensable reference for amateur and professional photographers alike.

My Review:

The Book of Digital Photography
is a comprehensive book for both those new to digital cameras and those more experienced who hope to improve various skills and techniques. With over 18 chapters ranging from choosing a digital camera to advanced editing and capturing films this book offers something for everyone in a clear, concise manner, including detailed illustrations and fabulous photographs. I would be remising if I did not mention the amasing Appendices. The first appendix is filled with digital photography terminology to help those who are unfamiliar with any term used in the book. The second appendix offers a staggering list of places to visit online for additional help with digital photography. Last but not least, the index is a quick way to look up various topics of interest. The Digital Book of Photography would make for an excellent reference book for anyone interested any aspect of digital photography.

About the Authors
Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm, authors of The Basic Book of Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Enhance, and Share Your Digital Pictures, are a husband-and-wife photojournalism team who have spent nearly four decades traveling the globe; the couple has visited every continent and more than 130 countries in search of the perfect photographic image. Their photographs and articles have been published worldwide in magazines and newspapers and on the Internet. The Grimms are authors and illustrators of thirteen adult and children's books. For more information visit their website.

I would live to thank FSB Media for supplying me with a copy of this book. My review was in no part influenced by my receiving a free review copy.


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Erotic Horizon said...

Thankd for tround up...

I also like a book that doesn't just concentrate on one user group - glad to see this is for newbies as well as experienced digital user..