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29 December 2009

Deadly Codes by JP O'Donnell: A Book Review

Title: Deadly Codes
Author: JP O'Donnell
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: February 17, 2009
Paperback: 206 pages
ISBN: 978-0595514113
Genre: Suspense/Thriller


About the Novel:

In the thriller, Deadly Codes, Daniel Cormac Gallagher, Jr., a Boston private eye, is hired to investigate the death of Jennifer Clark, tragically killed in a car bombing in her own driveway.

Gallagher has been commissioned by Jeanne Campbell, Jennifer’s twin sister, to find a mysterious woman—Jennifer’s secret lesbian lover who vanished immediately after the bombing. While the authorities continue to pursue their suspicions that the terrorist act may have been intended for Jennifer’s husband, Bill, who holds a top-secret position in the counter-intelligence division of the National Security Agency, Jeanne reveals intricate details to Gallagher that intrigue him enough to take on the case. While Gallagher begins searching for the missing woman, he has no idea that a bounty has been placed on his own head—two hired gunmen are plotting to kill him. Gallagher’s search takes him to Washington DC, where he discovers that the car bombing is only a backdrop to a complex, treasonous scheme to sell code-breaking formulas to a hostile enemy nation.

As the violent mystery unravels, Gallagher finds himself under deadly attack from two shocking but powerful forces—one he knows and another he never expects.

My Review:

Deadly Codes is the second novel in JP O'Donnell's Gallagher series. I have not as of yet had the pleasure of reading his first novel, Fatal Gamble, yet was able to follow the story line rather well. As a relatively new author I was amazed at how well this novel was written and the vast attention to details, including foreign affairs. While reading the novel I was rather excited to be reading so much about my main college degree and was surprised to learn JP O'Donnell was not in foreign relations but instead he was a pediatric dentist. Gallagher, recently married is closing his private detective agency for a safer job in business, yet Gallagher cannot resist this one last case, where the client's sister was killed in a car bomb. Jennifer's sister wants to hire Gallagher to discover who planted the car bomb, and to determine who killed her twin sister and why. I found his novel to be a well-woven thriller filled with plot twists, treason, espionage, subversion, and betrayal. Deadly Codes is an excellent novel to curl up with if one is looking for a fantastic suspenseful thriller.

About the Author:

JP O'Donnell is a board-certified pediatric dentist with more than thiry-five years of experience in clinical practice and dental education. Dr. O'Donnell holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Tufts University. He and his wife reside in Bedford, Massachusetts. He is also the author of Fatal Gamble. For more information, please visit the author's website.

I would live to thank AME, Inc. for supplying me with a copy of this book. My review was in no part influenced by my receiving a free review copy.


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