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04 January 2010

My Dearest Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan: A Book Review

Title: My Dearest Mr. Darcy
Author: Sharon Lathan
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publications Date: January 2010
Paperback: 352 Pages
ISBN: 9781402217425
Genre: Fiction/Historical/Romance


About the Book

Married life is bringing out the best in the Darcys. Their mutual attentiveness brings readers into a magical world of love and wedded bliss.

Elizabeth is growing into her role as Mistress of Pemberley, and Darcy has mellowed under her gentle teasing and light-heartedness. Pemberley becomes a true home and a welcoming environment for loving family and friends. The Darcys travel to the seaside, welcome their firstborn, celebrate their anniversary and second Christmas, and at every moment embrace the love gifted to them.

"I love you, my Elizabeth. You are my soul, my blood and bone, my very life."

My Review:

Sharon Lathan takes up where Jane Austen left off and regales the reader with her third novel in The Darcy Saga. My Dearest Mr. Darcy is a brilliantly woven tale picking up were Pride and Prejudice left off, almost a year into the marriage of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. All the characters are present, those loveable and not so loveable, making the Darcy's first two years of marriage an intriguing affair. This novel stands quite well on its own merits, as I have not read the previous two Lathan novels, however a knowledge of Pride and Prejudice is required to understand the subtle undercurrents of the numerous relationships. The novel centers on the upcoming birth of the Darcy's first child adding in some delightful exploits and a few unexpected twists. Most noted is the deep-seated adoration and unflinching love Mr. Darcy and Lizzy have for each other. While the moments are touching I found the more subtle romance of Jane Austen's novel to be more comfortable for me. Placing my prejudices aside, Lathan's novel is exquisitely told with a brilliant flourish of language and so rich in detail, that one would be hard pressed to set this novel down. My Dear Mr. Darcy makes for a fabulous afternoon of reading.

About the Author:

Sharon Lathan is the author of the bestselling Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, and Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley. In addition to her writing, she works as a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal ICU. She resides in Hanford, California in the sunny San Joaquin Valley. For more information, please visit.

I received a free copy of My Dearest Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan from Sourceboks. Receiving a free copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



Andrea Proulx said...

It's official, I must add this to my reading list! I loved Pride and Prejudice and when it ended I nearly cried over the need for more. Though it certainly won't be Austen, it may help give me the closure I'd so want. Thanks for the review!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

This sounds good - I have yet to read any of the spin offs of Pride and Prejudice.

Sharon Lathan said...

Jennifer, Thank you for taking the time to read my novel, especially when you hadn't read the first two, and for writing an honest review. I truly do appreciate it! And it is comforting to know this novel can be enjoyed independently since it was never intended to stand alone. If you read the first two, filling in the blanks, I hope you enjoy them as much.

Sincerely, Sharon Lathan

Vee said...

Great review Jennifer. I can understand why you enjoyed reading Sharon's wonderful third novel. Sharon has a natural flare for writing her words flow so smoothly. Sharon manages to capture and create so much detail in the lives of my all time fav Darcy & Lizzy, that it is hard to realise they don't exist somewhere! All the characters are given so much depth and history it is remarkable to read!
I hope you get a chance to read the previous novels as they all come together as a whole so brilliantly!
Happy reading
TSBO devotee

Lori @ Msslaydbug said...

Thank you for your review ! I'm seeing so many wonderful reviews. I'm adding it to my long list of must read books !

MarthaE said...

I have a bit about these Mr. Darcy books and they sound nice! Thanks for the review. I may pick them up when my other books slow down!