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26 March 2010

Aloha Friday 26 March

Some of my readers know what I have been going through these past weeks, this last being the longest and most exhausting of my life. So today's question is going to require as little brain power as possible.

The question for today: Do you have children getting ready for college or in college? If so any advise.

I have a son looking at colleges and welcome any advise .

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TheAngelForever said...

My boys are 6 and 2, so we have while before college is here. Good luck with getting ready and entering this new territory.

Pamela M. Kramer said...

We had our daughter choose her top 3 and then had her take a tour. She had a lot of fun that summer.

My Life As Mom said...

My son is 4.5 months... so no. I do wish you the best of luck, though!

Annie said...

I just graduated college a couple years I am not there yet. But I do want to tell you that no matter where he goes or what he chooses, he will be great :)

JamericanSpice said...

Not yet hon. My babies are still in diapers!

Good luck and I hope you get some great advise!


Design it Chic said...

We don't have kids just yet, but no matter what major your kid chooses, just support and encourage him and his talent!
Also applying to as many colleges as possible is a plus.. you never know what opportunity is being given to you! Just stay in the same field and always compare the fees with the benefices! That is important!
Aloha and here's mine!

Auntie E said...

Not as of yet, however those colleges have been mailing my daughter all their info. they all want her. she is only in tenth grade. Boy is that when they start looking?

I am Harriet said...

We saved/are saving a lot of money by making them go through the junior college first. It helps to mature them as well.

Have a great Friday!

Jeremy said...

Even though our oldest kids are 12, college is something we have started discussing options with them. I'm afraid I'll need advice in a few years too. Happy Friday!

Janine said...

Nope not yet. My son will be 11 this year and my daughter will be 2. Good luck to you!
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Rach said...

I have no children, but would say make sure your son is happy with the course he chooses and the location and just be as supportive as possible :-)

Night Owl Mama said...

My son just graduated from COllege He went to a local college and didn't go away.

It's hard on parents when children leave the nest. ALl I can say is hope that you instilled good values and let your child know the drinking consequences can have a one's body. I've seen awful things. Thankfully My son is a good boy. YOU know your son more than anyone and know how to connect. Take him on a one on one dinner/movie/bowling whatever you can do to spend some one on one time with him before he makes this big step. Watch his acct for college and what things cost. OUR bills are awful

Jennifer said...

Auntie E.,

Yes colleges begin mailing information between the freshman and sophomore years of High School and steadily increase the flow of information.


LAR1975 said...

No, I don't. But my husband and I still owe on our student loans.

I'd say apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible if money is an issue. Look at colleges (even junior colleges or community colleges) closer to home; he could still live on campus or close-by depending on his and your needs (ie, if he wants to go afar). The Internet really allows you to find out a lot of things before you visit the college; I didn't have that when I made my decision.

I can think of other advice, but I'd have to know your situation, such as what his major is.

A good question, though, and something you can't think too early about (even though our oldest is only 2 1/2).

Thanks, and have a great day!

Steph said...

My girls are little so no experience as a parent! Best of luck with all that you are going through right now!

3 Cuzins @ Cuzinlogic said...

We don't have kids just yet, but my advice is to be supportive if he chooses to go out of state!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

My youngest brother is in college. Does that count? ;)
I'm going to have to read through your comments for mental notes toward the future of kiddos heading off to college.

kailani said...

It's going to be a long time before my girls are ready for college!

East Coast Wahine said...

One of the things that my daughter enjoyed while dorming in college was getting a "Care Package" several times throughout the school year. I would make certain that when I got those order forms in the mail, to order the biggest care package I could afford! lol! My daughter loved that she was thought of all the time!