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10 March 2010

Book Review: At Home With Laurie Ann

Title: At Home With Laurie Ann: A Decorator's Guide: Turn the Plce You Live Into a Place You Love
Author: Laurie Ann McMillin Ray
Publisher: Laurie Ann Publishing Inc
Publication Date: February 10, 2010
Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN: 978-0984074808
Genre: Home/Interior Design


About the Book:

These days few can afford to hire an interior decorator.

No need. A copy of At Home With Laurie Ann and an open mind are the only requirements to give your home the professional, yet melt-into-a-sofa look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Starting with the basics, At Home With Laurie Ann cracks the code to creating the home of your dreams on the budget you have. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and the look is cozy and comfortable. It’s practical because Laurie starts with what you already have, moves a piece of furniture here, makes a substitution there, adds unexpected color and tops it off with inexpensive (but expensive-looking) purchases. The result is a thrifty transformation!

Written in a non-intimidating, down-home style to appeal and inspire many to redecorate, this book is ideal for everyone from the first-time buyer or third-time home owner to the perennial renter, newly married to the long-time bachelor and lively family to the single sophisticate.

My Review:

Lacking all skills for decorating I was not certain if I would be able to use much of the information offered in At Home With Laurie Ann, thankfully, I was completely wrong. Laurie Ann not only has a wonderfully laid out and beautifully photographed book, she also offers brilliant suggestions and advise in terms even those who lack decorating skills, can easily understand and apply. The goal of this book is to guide the reader into transforming the reader's house into a home, a family environment that is not only beautiful, but will also not break the bank. At Home With Laurie Ann is divided into nine sections, the first is appropriately titled, Family First. Each section offers up a wide variety of tips, suggestions, hints, cues and stunning photography. Laurie Ann writes as though she is in the reader's home, casually chatting over a cup of coffee. Her book is written in such a way that even the most timid of decorators will crave to redecorate. Laurie Ann writes about how to work with what is already existing in a home, finding your style, shopping around, and staying within a limited budget. With spring almost here I am quite excited to begin working on turning my house into a home. If Laurie Ann can inspire me, imagine what she can do for those who already enjoy decorating. I highly recommend At Home With Laurie Ann to anyone who craves for his or her house to be more of a home.

About the Author:

Laurie Ann McMillin Ray began by decorating model homes for her father, well-known builder Corky McMillin. His philosophy was simple – everyone deserves to own a house.

Following cues from Corky, Laurie operates by a similar principle – everyone deserves to make a house his or her home, and she's dedicated her career to this goal. For more than 25 years Laurie has built a solid reputation in Southern California as an interior designer, and as the owner of several decorating stores. Visit

I received a complimentary copy of At Home with Laurie Ann by Laurie Ann McMillin Ray from AME. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.


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Marie said...

sounds like a really fun, useful home decorating book :-) thanks for the review!