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11 March 2010

Book Review: Heart of My Heart

Title: Heart of My Heart: 365 Reflections on the Magnitude and Meaning of Motherhood
Author: Kristin Armstrong
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication Date: April 9, 2010
Paperback: 384 pages
ISBN: 978-0446561693
Genre: Inspirational, Family & Relationships

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About the Book:

Whether God is using Kristin to raise children or the children to grow Kristin, He is present in every moment and every page. This warm, real, and insightful devotional celebrates the journey of growth mothers take with their children. Since their births, Kristin realized she has "discovered more about myself and my God in the pursuit of discovering my children." Each entry in this 365-day devotional contains a Bible verse and a personal reflection from Kristin. It is on this intimate, daily walk that mothers can gain the courage to rely on God and emerge as a better woman.

My Review:

Heart of My Heart: 365 Reflections on the Magnitude and Meaning of Motherhood by Kristin Armstrong is a beautifully written devotional written especially for mothers as they grow with their children as well as grow in their faith. The book is sized small enough to fit into a diaper bag, tote, or large purse. Each day's reflection begins with a brief Bible quote and then proceeds with a short devotional allowing the reader time to sit and reflect upon the message for the particular day. The ultimate goal of this particular devotional, to my understanding, is to grow as a mother and woman, to become the best person one can become for not only oneself, but for one's children. Each day is well laid out and the passages provided are thought provoking, motivational, and inspirational. While this book is targeted for mothers with younger children I still found the reading of the day to help me take some time for myself, to contemplate and extrapolate the passage to suit being a mother of teens. Heart of My Heart would make for a delightful baby shower gift or simply a nice gesture for a harried mother of young children.

About the Author:

Kristin Armstrong was married to cyclist Lance Armstrong for five years, raising their three children while living in France and Spain. She is the author of a children's book, Lance Armstrong: The Race of His Life, and a contributing editor for Runner's World magazine. Kristin is passionate about her Christian faith, her family, her friends, and her career. She speaks French and Spanish, is a marathon runner, and enjoys cooking, reading, painting, and traveling. Kristin now lives in Austin, Texas, with her family--her son, Luke, and twin daughters, Grace and Isabelle.

I received a complimentary copy of Heart of My Heart by Kristin Armstrong from Hachette as part of the tour. Receiving a free copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.


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