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21 April 2010

Book Review and Tour: Skin and Bones by D.C. Corso

Title: Skin and Bones
Author: D.C. Corso
Publisher: Bennett & Hastings
Publication Date: October 1, 2009
Paperback: 162 pages
ISBN: 978-1934733387
Genre: Psychological Thriller

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About the Book:

FBI Special Agent Severin Ash lives in a world haunted by people he’s never even met — the missing and the dead. Working out of Seattle’s field office, Ash is assigned to coordinate a child abduction investigation in the small island community of Carver Isle, WA. The case at first seems to be open-and-shut, but when another child disappears on Halloween, Ash realizes it’s far from over. He teams up with local woman Parker Kelly, who has her own ideas about what may be happening. Together, Ash and Parker must solve this puzzle of deceit, identity and manipulation, exhuming secrets and memories both would prefer to leave undisturbed.

Set against the chaotic backdrop of the days immediately following 9/11, D.C. Corso’s stark thriller paints a vivid picture of life in a small Pacific Northwestern town as national tragedy threatens to overshadow its own losses.

My Review:

When is a nightmare simply a nightmare versus reality? Skin and Bones by D.C. Corso is a short novel packed with mysterious disappearances and an intriguing ensemble of characters. Skin and Bones takes places shortly after 9/11 and most people are more concerned with the safety of the nation than worrying about their neighbours and the residents of Carver Isle in the Pacific Northwest are no different. It is not until a child goes missing that the residents realise there is a monster skulking about the neighbourhoods. A full-scale joint investigation between the local sheriff's department and the FBI begins. Corso tells an intriguing and multi-layered narrative with several plot twists along the way, especially in the form of Parker Kelly's dreams. The characters are realistic, believable, and either likeable or not, depending on which character is being discussed. Corso's use of literature makes the novel even more of an intriguing read, especially the use of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and Henry James' novel, The Turn of the Screw. With so much information, I would have liked to have seen the book longer as there was enough information to run with, however, Corso does skillfully tie in the lose ends. Skin and Bones is a fast-paced, action packed thriller which provides for a few hours of mental delight.

About the Author:

D.C. Corso, a Bay Area native, began life reading Nancy Drew books and writing stories featuring her sister’s cat, Fonzie. She likes to think she has become more discriminating over the years in both reading and writing material. While working at a law firm and going to college, she interned at The Nose magazine, and then later worked in PR for the animators of Colossal Pictures. After much practice over the years–not to mention blood, sweat and tears (well, late nights, anyway)–she produced Skin and Bones, her debut novel. She now lives with her husband, Michael, in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can visit D.C. at her website.

D.C. Corso’s SKIN AND BONES VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR ‘10 officially began on April 5 and will end on April 23 2010. Follow the tour during the month of April to find out more about this great book and talented author!

I received a complimentary copy of Skin and Bones by D.C. Corso from Pump Up Your Book Promotion as part of the tour. Receiving a copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



fredamans said...

This is one of the books that I am/was supposed to tour, but didn't show up at my home.

Too bad, it looks good.

DC Corso said...

Sorry you didn't receive it (none of those I sent out were returned, so I can only assume there was a dropped line in the communication line) - If you would still like a review copy (no deadline, it's been out since October), please send me your name and mailing address directly:

Michael Phelps said...

Thank You, Knitting Mom of 3 for your enlightening Review of D. C. Corso's book, "SKIN & BONES".

Having spent time in beautiful Washington state, compliments of the U. S. Air Force, this is a book I want to read.

Had I not read your Review, I would have missed it.

Thank You.