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08 April 2010

Brilliant, Ingenious, or Crazy?

Yesterday we took our oldest to visit the first University on his College/University list, which just so happens to be my first choice (no, it is not my alma mater). I bought myself a sweatshirt (my other one is 23 years old, I really was due a new one). If I chose to wear this sweatshirt every day (yes the air-conditioning would need to be running almost non-stop over the summer), would my son think me even stranger than he already views me or would my wearing of my newly acquired sweatshirt subliminally make him want to choose this University? Final thought, Saturday we visit his current first choice, would it be wrong of me to wear the sweatshirt? I know, one would think I had more to do than think up bizarre scenarios. Truly I do, well most of the time, except when waiting for the medicine to help elevate some pain, which clearly allows me too much time to think and not enough time to read.



Naomi said...

Slightly passive-aggressive but I think it would be funny. Then again, I probably have "mom humor" too so perhaps I'm not one to ask...

Jennifer said...


I did not factor in whether or not my so would even notice I was wearing the same thing every day.


Helen's Book Blog said...

You are so careful not to mention the names of the universities/colleges! It has definitely piqued my interest and I can't wait for the final result.

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

That would be an effective way to sway his decision, LOL! When he asks "mom, why are you wearing that shirt over and over again", maybe you can say "well, its the first thing i grabbed from the closet!!" :D

Rob said...

Aloha! I was a college admission director for 20 years so decided to join the discussion. Your sweatshirt question is a good topic. If the college is selective and you're scheduled for an interview with an admission counselor, I would advise against wearing the sweatshirt (it could raise questions about who is more interested in the university). On the other hand if you're going to a "Preview Day" with a lot of other families, by all means wear the sweatshirt.

Best Wishes,

Rob @Books Are Like Candy Corn