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06 April 2010

Clear Out The Clutter Read-A-Thon Activity #2: Review-A-Thon

The Clear Away The Clutter Read-A-Thon is in full swing. The second activity comes from WilowRaven at Red House Books.

The review-a-thon is all about getting one's reviews in order. How will I or do I keep my reviews organised?

As I stated yesterday, I am quite anal-retentive in my reading and reviewing of books. Each book is tagged with a coloured Post-It note and logged into my planner upon its arrival. All my reviews are done immediately upon completing the novel. I do not even contemplate beginning another novel until I review the novel I have recently completed. This works for me, it may take a little longer to get to my next book, however, all my reviews are finished in a timely manner.


1 comment:

Peaceful Reader said...

You must be very good with your clutter then! I am not quite this organized.