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01 April 2010

Ramblings From A Migraine Addled Mind

My ramblings in no particular order, rather this is more of a free thought journal post. A scary thought, I know.

I am not an April Fool's Day fan. I truly dislike it and have never found the gags to be amusing.

Why do spring colds feel so much more dreadful than winter colds?

Will I ever learn to stop worrying about things I have no control over? If you are reading this and still have young children, trust me when I say, the worrying has not even begun.

In an ideal world, I should be able to tweet the University my son dearly wants to attend, and they would let him, and of course tuition would also magically be taken care of (I did say in an ideal world). His goals are modest, he truly loves a particular campus, I do not know why, but his heart has been set and I *hope* they choose him when the time comes. It will be a long wait. Le Sigh.

Why in the winter do I think the house is cold at 68 degrees and now I think the house is too warm for any comfort?

I counted the books on my TBR piles (yes piles) and decided I am in desperate need of book shelves.

Deciding what advise to impart upon my son about college is trickier than I first thought. I want him to hear me, rather than me sounding like the adult voices on Charlie Brown.

Apparently spring lasted a week and now we are into summer weather, which is not too dreadful considering the humidity is not yet suffocating high, however, upon inspection of my wardrobe it is indeed clear that I lack summer clothing. I suppose I can always crank the A/C and wear sweaters about, my how the neighbours would talk.

Time to decide if I want to take cold medicine or something for my head. I do lead an exciting life.



Michelle said...

Spring colds feel worse because you WANT to be outside enjoying the nice weather, but it's so hard when you feel awful!

As for the college advice to your son, it may not seem as if he's listening, but he likely is. Just give him little bits and pieces here and there; they sink in better than long strings of dialogue.

Oh, and make sure he knows you're always just a phone call away if he needs more advice! :)

Marie said...

I don't like April Fool's jokes either for the most part. Seems really juvenile.