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08 April 2010

Spotlight: The Wounds Have Healed...The Scars Are Bleeding by Lindon J. King

Title: The Wounds Have Healed...the Scars Are Bleeding!
Author: Lindon J. King
Publisher: Rosedog Pr
Publication Date: August 27, 2009
Paperback: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1434994660
Genre: Non-Fiction

I have not received my review copy, so I decided to spotlight the book and hopefully post a review later.

About the Book:

“The Wounds Have Healed…The Scars Are Bleeding”! is an insightful work of non-fiction from author Lindon J. King. This work is designed to provoke thought as well as educate the reader about the aftermath of slavery in America and the West Indies. Set out as a tribute to the forefathers who had been able to survive the brutal Middle Passage only to be sold as slaves in America and the West Indies. Slavery not only physically affected the lives of those who were captured but also mentally affected them for generations to come.

“The Wounds Have Healed…The Scars Are Bleeding!” is a compelling work that blends history with social commentary. Given its timely message, Lindon J. King’s work may appeal to a wide variety of readers. Have you struggled with weight, wellness, addictions, relationships or work? This spiritually based book is set up with the idea that when you begin reading it, it will lull you comfortably into motivation and creating changes “now”. Essentially, when you open the book you are on a journey and as you read you have opportunities to “drive” or apply these ideas into your life. The book is set up as a no-excuses approach; if you say you believe in scripture you can’t pick and choose when to apply scripture to your life; it’s immediate connection which also, helps take immediate action. You may be comfortably motivated but it may bring upheaval and some hard truth to swallow, so be prepared for no-excuses scripture to change your life.

About the Author:

Lindon J. King was born in Jamaica and is a former student of Fair Prospect Primary and Fair Prospect Junior High schools. Lindon is a graduate of Prospect College and in 1992 he migrated to Toronto Canada where he did further studies at Ryerson University.

Lindon and his beautiful wife Lorna and their adorable kids Loralin, Lindon Jr. and Lornella reside in Toronto Canada. Lindon is a proud father of four and loves The Lord. They are of the Apostolic Faith and are active members of their local church.

Lindon is currently employed as a Financial Services Manager and is also pursuing further studies in the field of commercial aviation. He is working on his next book titled: What’s In Your Barn? This book is expected to be in bookstores in the fall of 2010.

Lindon King’s THE WOUNDS HAVE HEALED…THE SCARS ARE BLEEDING virtual book tour officially began on March 1 and end on April 30. You can visit Lindon’s blog stops at during the month of April to find out more about this great book and talented author!



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Tea said...

Thanks for the spotlight. I would love to read this book.