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18 April 2010

The Sunday Salon 18 April

The Sunday

Life: This past week, strike that, the past month and a half has been nothing but chaos and lessons in futility. Everyday for 6 weeks, we have been working with our neighbours to help them find suitable housing, deal with surgery, mourn, and find out about disability vouchers. My husband and I have happily helped research and when we finally think we are getting somewhere a roadblock is thrown up in front of all efforts. To be honest, I am done. Not done with my neighbours, they are like family, however, for now they must struggle on their own. It finally dawned on me during the frantic visit I received an hour ago that they are not going to help themselves. Until they are willing to fight for themselves and what is rightfully theirs, nothing my family can do or say will help. Why it took almost 7 weeks to figure that out, I have no idea.

Family Update: We are still visiting college campus with our oldest, although his mind is quite set, yet he needs a few back-up schools.

What I did on Saturday Night: Out of frustration came my need to organise. I went through every book; solicited, unsolicited, and purchased by myself and scheduled a read and review date for each one. So, if you are someone who sent me a book without a confirmed review date, rest assured every book in my house has a date. With that said, my schedule is planned out throughout the summer with the allowance of more books to enter my life. I would never be so foolish as to think I would not accept or buy more books for a few months. (As I type this, DH is picking up Wolf Hall for me, I am weak).

Read and Reviewed: Surprisingly, this past week went rather well as far as reading goes. Even with all of the chaos I managed to read and review 11 book as well as post 2 Guest Author posts. The books I reviewed will be listed on Monday.

So what will I be reading? As I stated above, DH purchased Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel for me on Saturday and I plan to read at least the beginning sections to catch up with the book discussion group. I also plan to read Sounds Like Crazy by Shana Mahaffey

Happy Reading and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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Shon said...

I've tried several times in the past to follow a reading schedule. Within the first few weeks I ended up giving up on it. I rearrange the order or remove or add books. I'm still working on something that fits for me as I'm trying to balance reading more of my books (both newly purchased and past purchased) and library books. I'll be curious to know how your schedule works for you.

Suzanne said...

Wow, sounds like you are finally going to take a breather! I hope everything smooths out, but you do have to take care of yourself too!

Can't wait to see what you think of Wolf Hall! It's been on my shelf patiently waiting for me to crack the spine. ;-) I'm also going to be starting Shana's book Sounds Like Crazy- we're reading it for my book club this month!

Have a great week!

Helen's Book Blog said...

It's so easy to leap up and help someone you care so much about, but when they aren't helping themselves, it gets frustrating. It's good that you figured out you can support them and love them without doing all their life work for them! Sounds like you had a great reading week.

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

(hug) my dear friend knitty... I am so sorry I've been away these past several months and not here to lend some support to you and your family.

So excited to hear that the college visits go on, a back up school or two or three is a very smart idea... but then you know that - your sons are so lucky to have parents like the two of you in their corners seeing them through.

Your neighbors, I know how much you adore them, how they are in fact like family. You are right, in our family and our friends sometimes no matter what we do or say, they need to take it and run with it, make it happen for themselves. I hope for that for them.

I have so many books to go back and read your reviews, how you make the time, although I know how much you enjoy it, for all these books boggles my mind. I am trying to read a book a week - make time to sit down with a favorite past time and get lost in a book. You do help that to happen, I am working off my list that I started to create when you got into the book reviewing side of things with your blog. (hugs) thank you for that encouragement.

Please, Please take good care of you

Aths said...

11 books! I am jealous!! Have a good week ahead!