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01 May 2010

Book Review: As Easy As Pi by Jamie Buchan

Title: Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Every Day
Author: Jamie Buchan
Publisher: Readers Digest
Publication Date: April 15, 2010
Hardcover: 176 pages
ISBN: 978-1606521342
Genre: Mathematics, Trivia


About the book

Count the ways . . .

Have you ever stopped to think how many countless ways we use numbers? From the ring of the alarm clock in the morning to the numbers triggering our cell phones, our world is designed with numbers in mind. With Easy as Pi, you'll get the 4-1-1 on the fascinating origin of many of the numbers we use or read about every day.

* What makes "cloud nine" and "seventh heaven" so blissful?

* Why is number 7 so lucky and 13 so unlucky?

* Is "fourth-dimensional thinking" really out of this world?

* What prompted Ray Bradbury to call his novel Fahrenheit 451?

* How did 007 become James Bond's number?

For the math averse: Be not afraid. Easy as Pi is not a textbook but rather a lively look at the derivation of numerical expressions and their inescapable influence on our culture -- from book titles to bus schedules. To sum it up, Easy as Pi equals one clever and often hilarious collection.

My Review:

Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Every Day by Jamie Buchan is a brilliant and interesting read for those who have a fondness for math as well as those who have an aversion to math. Buchan's book offers up tidbits to delight and intrigue readers. Easy as Pi is written in short bursts, tidbits if you will, for the reader to enjoy to leisure. Being quite passionate about math, my family and I read straight through the book which equally entertained and enlightened each of us. Even if the reader did not grow up with the catchy saying, "sine, sine, cosine, sine, 3.14159" or enjoy the wonders of mathematics and the beauty behind π, the reader will be able to enjoy Buchan's book. One does not need a mathematics degree to enjoy Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Every Day and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys trivia books, or mathematics.

About the Author:

Jamie Buchan was educated at Westminster School and is completing a Master of Arts degree in Architectural Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Many of his family members are involved in books: his great-grandfather John Buchan is the prolific novelist famous for The Thirty-Nine Steps; his grandfather D.J. Enright is a well-known Movement poet; and his uncle James Buchan is an award-winning novelist and historical writer. Both of his parents work in publishing. For more information, please visit this website.

I received a complimentary copy of Easy As Pi by Jamie Buchan from FSB Media. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned novel.



Tea said...

Another enjoyable review, your reviews always make me want to read the book. Thanks.

Diane J. said...

Great review! I really want to go read this book right now. Thanks!