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20 June 2010

The Sunday Salon 20 June 2010

The Sunday

Life: Blog news update: Rundpinne will be getting not only a new home, but an all new look. Stay tuned for the details. My Twitter page already shows some of the new look, feel and colours to my new blog. I will be posting the new URL to Rundpinne when everything is ready to switch over, my designer thinks it could possibly be Tuesday (fingers crossed). I am very, very excited!

Family Update: Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband who is the best father to our sons. Today is his day and we shall make certain he is pampered. As for me, I managed to catch whatever germs the child with the wet productive cough had at the banquet last week. I spent the first part of the week fairly miserable and sleeping a lot. I am feeling better and able to get by with only one nap. My husband is back from his travels and it looks as though more college tours are being planned. We have literally had storms every single afternoon/evening for over a week now with no end in sight, which means perfect reading weather in my air-conditioned house as the temperatures outside are downright miserable.

Saturday Night: At home movie night with popcorn and my favourite movie treat, Good 'N Plenty. We had a lovely time, even if we did not start the movie until later in the evening, it allowed me to get more reading in.

Read and Reviewed: I was feeling fairly down about only reading 10 books and reviewing 9 of them when I decided to add up the page count. In a week's time I read 3,781 pages, so now I do not feel quite so lazy. I shall, as usual, list all the reviews I read this past week on Monday with links. Do not want to wait until Monday? They are all up and as usual I love comments.

So what will I be reading? I am currently reading Day For Night by Frederick Reiken.

Happy Reading and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Icky sick germs. Yuck. We're visiting my brother and his family; one of his kids has a nasty cold so I hope my daughter and I don't catch it.

Book Bird Dog said...

Have a great Father's Day. Saturday night at home with a movie always sounds like a good weekend. My Sunday Salon.

Tammy said...

Wow...9 books you are reviewing. It took me a couple days to read just a short book...!!

Stopping by from SITS today! Love your current look, going over to Twitter to see the sneak peak.

I had to are very entertaining. Enjoy your Sunday with your books!

Nise' said...

I took a peek at your Twitter page and looks like your new design is going to be gorgeous!

Sorry you've been feeling ill. My son caught a nasty summer cold (probably from all his graduation celebrating).