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06 June 2010

The Sunday Salon 6 June 2010

The Sunday

Life: For many summer is a fun and relaxing time, in my household summer becomes hectic and chaotic and this year more so than ever. I am not certain at what point parenting becomes less hectic, I know I have not reached it yet and yearn for simpler times when I was coordinating play-dates around nap times. I fully plan to enjoy this summer, with all the hectic and crazy days my guys bring to it, including graduation parties (wow are there a lot), graduation plans for my oldest, play practise- set-building (the fall play is started in the summer), early morning cross-country practises, and everything surrounding senior year. I know this year will go by all too quickly and I do not want to miss a single moment.

Family Update: My Birthday is on Tuesday and I am excited as usual. I love, love, love birthdays! There is nothing like having a stroke (or two) to put life into perspective and each year is truly a blessing. With that in mind Wednesday makes the one year mark of the death of our dear friend Jon, this is a painful time for us and especially for his wife and son. This week is most definitely bittersweet. My guys will be finishing up school this week and then the chaotic schedule of summer begins, thus cutting my reading down immensely. Senior year has already begun to impact our daily lives and I know it is just the very beginning. At least my oldest has his senior pictures scheduled, one ting off the to-do list.

Saturday Night: This week was not overly exciting. All three teens were scattered to the winds and being the romantics we are DH worked on a scientific paper and I read a book.

Read and Reviewed: The week did not go at all as I had planned. I have been in miserable pain all week, thankfully only another day before my doctor is in his office. My reading was drastically cut down due to pain I read and reviewed 8 books. I shall, as usual, list all the reviews I read this past week on Monday with links. Do not want to wait until Monday? They are all up and as usual I love comments.

So what will I be reading? I am currently reading The Art of Devotion by Samantha Bruce-Benjamin. The review will be up this week so please check back.

Happy Reading and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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Book Bird Dog said...

Looking forward to your review, and have a bappy birthday! Here's
My Sunday Salon

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! I'm part of the TLC Tour for The Art of Devotion too! I look forward to your thoughts! I really enjoyed it, although it took me a bit to get use to the format.

Have a great week!

Nikki-ann said...

Happy Birthday for Tuesday! Mine is next weekend! :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Happy early Birthday! I hope the week ends up with the positives winning out, which I am sure it will!

Aths said...

Happy Birthday in advance!!