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I welcome all authors, publishers, and publicists to contact me via email: knittingmomof3(AT)gmail(DOT)com

My review policy is fairly straightforward in an effort to make the review process a successful one for all parties. Please read over my review policy and please do not hesitate to contact me.

I truly do enjoy almost all genres. My absolute favourites include; Historical Fiction, Mystery (Cozy through Psychological Thrillers), Contemporary Fiction, Classics, Multicultural/Ethnic Fiction and Historical/Cultural Memoirs.

While I am an avid reader, there are some genres that I typically do not care for, no matter how well written. These include; Westerns, Sci-Fi, and explicit Romance novels. As with everything there are some exceptions, so if your novel is one of the above mentioned genres, do inquire first, since these are very broad genres and I do like some books from each of these very much!

At this time I am not accepting Childrens Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Paranormal or Erotica.

I do not accept Unbound copies, digital copies, or eBooks. I have no inclination to read an entire novel on my computer.

Any book or ARC sent to me for review will not be returned. I do not sell any books I receive.

I write honest reviews based on how I feel about the novel. If you do not want an honest review, then please do not ask me to review. In my reviews I thank the author/publishing company that furnished the book for review. To keep my reviews unbiased, I treat all books equally.

At this time, I prefer reviews only.  It is very rare occurence for me to host a book giveaway.  If I host a giveaway for you, I will require you to ship the prize to winner, as I do not ship to winners.

All books will be reviewed in the order I receive them unless a prior date is scheduled and the books arrive in a timely fashion, the time frame can very up to 3 months depending on how busy the season is.

Finally, on rare occasions, there may be circumstance beyond my control that could possibly delay a review. Should this happen I will contact you to let you know if there will be a delay.

Thank you for considering me and if you have any further questions or would like to send me a book to review, please me at: knittingmomof3(AT)gmail(DOT)com